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Marketing & Advertising
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Achieve and maintain the desired
position of the company on the market.

Coordination and concentration of all employees efforts on the main goals
of your company.

Detailed study of your business processes with further optimization and automation.

The main goal is to speed up processes and minimize expenses.

Creating an effective channel to obtain new and retain existing clients.

The main goal is to get the client to choose you.

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About us

QYoomi is a cohesive team of experts from all over the world, united by a common goal.

We love complex multifaceted tasks that require unconventional approach to implementation and find the most effective, sometimes extraordinary solutions.

Don't you believe in the success of your business or can't find the way out of the difficult situation?
Just let us take a look at your problem!

Evgeny Ansimov

Sergey Kukanov

Ekaterina Sukholovskaia

Sergey Loktionov

Executive Partner
Head of marketing & development

Executive Partner
Head of business optimization

Head of promotion &

Head of project development & implementation

Marketing is not just sale but the art. By having this art you create value for the consumer.

Many people consider the business optimization as a luxury or an unjustified investment. Every day the market competition proves that it is just a necessity.

Advertising should be treated as an investment. If it does nott make a profit - it is a bad investment.

The client should always be included in the project team. Only by taking a direct part in the process of implementation and investing a part of his soul, he will be satisfied with the result.

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